If you are interested in contacting me about commissions or contract work for conversions or painting please send an inquiry to:

Rates for conversions are $150.00 USD (or more) for single 25mm-35mm tall humanoid figures based on design and complexity.
  • With my current schedule I can usually turn a figure conversion around in 4 weeks max. Let me know if you need something sooner, and I will try my best to accommodate.
  • I can work from concept art, briefs, existing models and/or photo reference from a variety of sources.
  • During the conversion process I send hi-res photos of the work in progress (WIP) with multiple angles for approval. Keep in mind photographs may vary in angle and have a certain amount of lens distortion from the actual art.
  • For new clients a 50% deposit is normally required before starting.  All payments must be completed before the conversion is shipped out.
  • I prefer to accept funds worldwide via PayPal.
  • I also like to request the freedom to post photos of the completed work for my portfolio.
Concept art can be rendered from briefs on request if needed at a separate billing rate, usually $100 per page.

For painting, I have been getting $100 - $250 for display quality/studio models, depending on the complexity and size of the piece. Same terms apply as conversions above.